Thursday, May 28, 2015



1. digi unlimited quota plan.
2. tak perlu VPN
3. tak perlu SSH
4. tak perlu ROOT device
5. bulanan kurang dari rm15.00
6. kelajuan mengikut coverage masing-masing
7. package sim baru rm25 percuma seminggu unlimited, jikalau puas hati boleh whatsapp saya renew sebulan lagi.

berminat....boleh whatsapp saya di talian +6012 219 4888

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TD Mobile POS System- Malaysia GST android version

Pos system Malaysia GST
Android version


[TD Mobile POS System- Malaysia GST]
Your best mobile POS system in Malaysia! . Designed for Remote (Motor/ Van) and Counter Sales. Fully fulfill Malaysia GST (GOODS AND SERVICES TAX ) official requirements. Easily cooperate with most ERP and Accounting systems.Developed by Totem Dynasty Studio.
Major Functions:
Customer and Products Management
- Entry / edit / delete and search Customers.
- Entry / edit / delete and search Products.
- Load Products and Customer in batch from .cvs files (Can edit by Excel)
Bill & Tax Invoices:
- Issue New Bill.
- Check/ Edit /Delete Bills.
- Print bill tax invoice using either 80 mm or 58 mm portable Bluetooth printers.
- Bill report within duration / for customer.
- Able to adjust price for each item.
- Able to change the GST Category (12 Categories) when billing.
- Fast Locate/Search Product and Customers based on multi-criteria. (Faster than phone camera based bar code scanner on most cases) .
- Able to have discount when billing.

Inventory (Stock) Management.
- Entry stock when loading.
- Print/Check/Email once finished loading.
- Auto-update stock information when billing.
- Able to check/Modify stock information.
- Print/Check/ Email to match with stock management the
for verification
System Function / Features:
- Fast and Smooth !
( Tested on 1000 products and runs smoothly without any error. You Can find the test product file under sdcard/TDPos/BillReport/test_prouct_file2.csv. Load it and run on your devices to see the result)
- Memory Save !
(Specially turned algorithm by experienced researcher)
- Easy communication with other ERP/Accounting system.
- Password protection for bills information modification and databases operation from salesman or other unauthorized user (Only Business Owner can edit/delete Bills).
- Database backup and load.
- Export bill file through email to other ERP/Accounting system.
System Requirement:
*Minimum Resolution 760 on Width (Fit for majority devices).
*Better Run on screen no smaller than 5.0" devices
For Customization, Localization, OEM, Re-Develop, Support, Sales and Demo. Please Contact to:
Mr. Ben:
+6012 219 4888
For most customization & new function, we can update for you with in 24 hours.
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

MYIPTV for android i6s

Quad Core i6s Android BOX,My IPTV Android HD Box

Hot selling! Quad Core i6s Android TV BOX,My IPTV Android HD Box 
Android box i6s runs very smooth on myiptv, we highly recommend this box. If  you want to subscribe iptv MYIPTV or order this box in bulk to be our dealer.
1/As usually, Android TV Box whick below 1G DDR, OS4.0 can compatible well.
2/As now, we have 187 channels, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong and Brunei ect.
3/Just use your 4MBPS or above Streamyx or Unifi Broadband service, and on TV Box, you can enjoy all the 187 channels ! New more channels will be added without no andrance notice.

Autoupdate Online Game System for Windows7

Autoupdate Online Game System for Windows7


Friday, January 16, 2015

NxD Diskless Lates Download Link


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2TB Lan Game dan Online Games

Kepada sesiapa yang berminat 2TB HDD Lan Game dan Online Game.
Boleh Call/SMS saya di talian +6012 219 4888 Mr.Ben

Sesiapa yang tempah 2TB HDD Lan Game dan Online Game sebelum 30hb Jun 2014. Akan dapat percuma Software Autoupdate Online Game dan Lan Game. Kepada pengusaha cyber tak perlu lagi nak cari-cari Online Game atau Lan Game. Semua boleh melalui System Autoupdate dapatkan Game yang anda mahu.

1. Online Game dan Lan Game yang download tak perlu lagi setup. download dan play.
2. Tak perlu lagi nak import atau export registry. semuanya sedia ada.
3. Game Menu disediakan
4. Download speed server P2P autoupdate paling maxima ialah 1MB/s.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Adakah Anda Berminat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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